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industrial property Columbia Missouri
  • 269,275 sq. ft. on 19 Acres​

  • Immediately Available - WILL DIVIDE ​

  • Full Manufacturing Amenities​

  • Abundant Labor

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Columbia, MO Metro

Near The University of Missouri on I-70

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The Company
  • Established in 1997

  • Continuous leadership by original founder/partner

  • Process and opportunity driven

  • Industrial real estate focus

Competitive Advantages
  • Proven value add strategy

  • Niche market focus

  • Nationally known

  • Well capitalized

  • Established track record and reputation

  • Capital gains driven

Facts & Figures
  • 25,000,000 sq. ft. of assets purchased, sold or leased by company founder

  • Over 45 markets

  • 100% deal closure after due diligence

  • Successful Real Estate Investment L.P. with audited 3x in 4 years

  • Successful sale of 5.5M sqft. industrial real estate portfolio

Executive Team
  • Diverse backgrounds and experience

  • Entrepreneurial

  • 70+ years of combined industry experience

  • Fully invested



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Founder Daniel E. Smith SIOR forms a venture to acquire, retrofit, expand and lease a 950,000 s.f. industrial distribution facility on 105 acres (a former Golden Books distribution center) in South East Kansas. The facility was leased to ( one of its first distribution centers outside of Seattle ) The building was subsequently sold to a California investment group in 1999. This same venture also acquired a 700,000 sq. ft.  former AT&T facility in Niles, MI. This facility was fully leased by the group and sold as a Net Lease Investment.


Big Industrial L.L.C. is formed by Daniel E. Smith, SIOR following the purchase of a 157,000 s.f. warehouse and manufacturing facility on 20 acres in suburban Kansas City. This property was sold for a 250% return in late 2001.


The Partners of Big Industrial form the North American Real Estate Opportunity Fund Limited Partnership. The Partnership raises $9M and purchases over 2,000,000 sq. ft. of industrial properties. Using the Big Industrial value add model, the audited fund returns 300% to its investors in 4 years.




Big Industrial, L.L.C.  develops and  implements a vertical infrastructure encompassing sourcing, due diligence, investment, construction, operating, marketing and leasing capable of expanding  value creation beyond just opportunistic purchases. With total transactions close to $325M, 10M s.f. and sales of 4M s.f. Big Industrial operates a portfolio exceeding , 5,500,000 s.f. portfolio in the Southeast, Southwest and Midwest. 


Partners pursue separate paths for estate and family planning purposes. Co-founder Daniel E. Smith elects to sell his interest in the underlying industrial building portfolio and retains the Big Industrial brand, intellectual property, office buildings and resources with the intention of creating a new industrial real estate investment fund.  <<Read Press Release>>


Big Industrial ownership speculatively purchases a 260,000 sq. ft. industrial manufacturing facility on 18 acres on I-70 near Columbia Missouri.  <<Historical Transactions>>


modern manufacturing property

Big Industrial represents a motivated group of experts all poised to share their success in expanding the opportunity of the Company's business model with investors desiring entrepreneurial returns of patient capital.

Our model of redeveloping surplus corporate industrial property (factories and warehouses) in well located distant suburban and ex-urban locations has produced entrepreneurial returns consistently for over 30 years.

  • 40+ years in industrial real estate

  • Active SIOR Member since 1986

  • 50 million sq .ft. career transactions 

  • M.B.A and J.D.

  • Acquisitions program development

  • 15 years sourcing and leasing for Big Industrial L.L.C.

  • Serial entrepreneur

  • Hospitality, commercial and land real estate development

  • Venture Capital funded technology start-up co-founder

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Kansas City  |  Las Vegas​

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